Arduino google search

I am searching for a program for Arduino uno wifi rev2,
In which the board should take input from the microphone search for it in google and then scrape a bit of information from the page through the beautifulsoup4 library and give the output through the speaker attached to the board
moreover, i need the code in python,
Thank You.

Are you aiming to run Python on an Arduino uno wifi ?


Which version of Python ?

Python 3.8.1

Will that run on an Arduino uno wifi ?

Yes.Using the pyfirmata library

It sounds like you are aiming to control the Arduino using Python rather than actually running Python on the Arduino

Is that correct ?


Much of what you have posted is wrong or misleading

  • The code for the Arduino will not be in Python but C++
  • You are not aiming to run Python on the Arduino
  • The beautifulsoup4 library cannot be used on the Arduino because it is Python specific

Given that you are determined to use Python, what experience do you have with it ? Do you have an C/C++ experience ?

I am a high school student from India without any experience in any language. Even if I could get the code in C++ for the same task it would be really helpful.Thank You.

In general, the members of this forum will provide help to anyone who has a problem with their code rather than writing code for them, unless you are willing to pay for it

Why did you choose such an ambitious project with no programming experience ?

I am not willing to pay for any code.I do programming and arduino as a hobby while holidays

So, which programming language do you use when you

I have a basic knowledge in all the above

So, start by programming the Arduino to connect to a website, read the site byte by byte and passing it to whatever you have Python running on

can we use experimental web platform features in google to do this job ?.Which library in c++ to use for web scraping ?.

I am going to bow out of this topic as I can’t help feeling that I will end up doing most of the work

Good luck with your project

Thank You :pray:

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