Arduino + GPS based system for tracking children movement

Hi everyone..

I am a in the fourth year. my team members and I want your help in setting the hardware requirements. So we are thinking in building a tracker for children this tracker can

  1. send notification to parents phone every 30 seconds using SIM card by WiFi. If there is no internet connection it can send a SMS message.

  2. define a safe zone in each trip. and this zone can be changed easily by Android application.And if the Kid gets injured or harm even he/she in the safe zone a notification will be sent automatically to parent's phone

  3. This Arduino should be light wight and wearable for children. there should be a sensor if the Ardunio is lost or broken or take off.

we did not experience any Ardunio . that is why we have this much of problems .
if you could help us in setting the requirements for this project??

I'd step back from the technology a bit and write out your requirement as plain english;

  1. Be able to track children on demand
  2. Tracking to be available over an area of xxM/KM etc
  3. Have a unit cost of $xx.
  4. Operate for xx hours between charges

You'll find that way will shape the solution a bit more easily.

Some obvious questions;

a. how is the unit going to 'automatically' know if a kid is hurt? (maybe you mean a button?)
b. how is the unit going to know if its lost/taken off? (maybe theres a circuit through an attachment, eg a wrist band).

Provided the area isnt too big, maybe you could try a simple prototype using esp8266/wifi. write an app so that if the signal strength from the kids unit gets too small, you make an alert on the main unit. You could prototype this for about $20.

You can certainly do the GPS/GSM thing (SIM808/FOTA808 units) if you need it over a bigger area, but to be honest there are already commercial trackers that include geofencing etc.

A tracking sensor in itself has little knowledge upon the thing it is attached to is:

  • either a children, a dog or a dead/inanimate object.
  • what "hurt" actually means e.g. the dog has hurting feelings of that juicy hot dog being taken by the cat.

for example the the safe zone have stairs and the kid fall down and fainted

How would the arduino know?
Also, a SIM Card cannot connect to a WiFi-network.

lg, couka

A "faint detector" would be very useful in certain health monitoring situations, but I doubt there are any. Unless you-re using EEG head electrodes and heart/breath rate monitoring, which seems quite intrusive just to watch a ... kid playing?

I recall someone attempted to commercialize a fall detector for elders by using gyro/accelerometer sensor.

Google "child tracking device" for lots of commercial options.

Here is a review of 10 of them: Best Kids GPS Trackers and Devices of 2021 | SafeWise