[Arduino + GPS + GSM] Am I getting the appropiate modules?

Helo, I'm new in the Arduino world and I have little knowledge. I haven't tried with anything yet and I need to do a project using arduino (about vehicle tracking in real time) so I have been looking for modules that I could need so I did this list:

-Arduino Uno -Cellular shield with SM5100B module http://www.robodacta.mx/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29865 -Cellular antenna quad-band, SMAhttp://www.robodacta.mx/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30105 -GPS shield with the SiRF star III module http://cosasdeingenieria.com/esp/index/item/459/43/shield-gps-compatible-con-arduino -GPS antenna with a SMA connector 3Vhttp://cosasdeingenieria.com/esp/index/item/238/antena-para-gps-montaje-magnetico-con-conector-sma-de-3v -8-pin & 6-pin headers (x2)

This is what I think I have to buy, I'm looking for something cheap, what do you think? I have these questions: Is there some compatibility issues I should know? What if I found some projects and code that uses the same (gps+gsm) but it uses other kind of modules (different model or manufacturer), Will it be usefull or do I have to look for tutorials or examples that uses the same I have?

Thanks any help will be appreciated


I started experimenting with the ITEAD STUDIO GPRS modem V1.0. See the link below. It uses the SIM900 modem. Very easy and no problems so far


To get started, first I suggest you load a piece of SW that routes serial data from the Arduino Uno Serial HW port (RXpin0 and TXpin1) to a SW defined port say RX pin10 and TX pin11. Write a small piece of code that will receive serial data from your PC (like an AT command say) on RX pin0 and route this command to the TX pin11. The SW will then listen for a REPLY on RX pin10 and will route this data back to HW serial TX port 1

  • Disconnected the Arduino Uno module from your PC USB cable
  • Connect the ITEAD Studio GPRS module to the Arduino board with some jumper wires
  • The +5V of the Itead Studio GPRS module to the +5V of the Arduino Uno,
  • Ground of the Itead Studio GPRS module to the ground of the Arduino Uno
  • TX of the Itead Studio GPRS moduleto SW RX port(pin10) of the Arduino Uno
  • RX of the the Itead Studio GPRS module to SW TX(pin11) of the Arduino Uno
  • Plug in usb cable into the Arduino Uno
  • Upload your sketch to route serial data between SW ports (RX pin10,TX pin 11) to HW ports (RX pin 0, TX pin1) -Press the power ON button on the GPRS modem -Send your first AT command -waite for an "AT OK" repsonse to confirm the modem is alive and repsonding

So far I have managed to connect and send AT commands with no problem. I have read on the internet (and stand to be corrected) that some GPRS modems are hungry for current i.e. when sending an SMS say, the demand for current spikes momentarily (maybe its to do with switching on the transmitter to pump out a strong RF signal...maybe someone can shed light on this please). If your USB 5V is unable to deliver this current demand, it could put the GPRS modem in a funny state in which all AT comms are lost. So be aware of this. This is why the GPRS modem should have its own power supply to meet its current demands.

I have a GPS as well and I am hoping to get started with that soon soon...but for now its getting familiar with the AT commands to the SIM900

Have fun!

thank you, thats a lot I have to learn and this will help