Arduino GPS rover

Hi all,

I am building a GPS rover made from a heavily converted kid's powerwheels jeep.

I am using a Decimila and an Ashtech GPS unit that was removed from an OnStar system. I have the complete manufacturers guide, and it uses a standard serial output/input.

The goal is to make a robo-magellan for our robot groups competition this fall. No one in our group has built a robo-magellan yet, but since we discovered that people throw away their kid's powerwheels when they get old we have a good source for a basic and very sturdy chassis.

I am using the standard powerwheels motors/gearbox but am controlling them with mechanical and solid state relays. (the solid state relays will isolate the 12v motor power from the 6v Arduino power)

What is completed so far:
-the Arduino board
-the chassis
-the relays and motors
-the gps antenna mast

What needs to be done:
-interface the GPS/Arduino
-rebuild the steering mechanism and interface it to the Arduino

Is anyone else building any type of robo-magellan with the Arduino? We could share notes.


Hi Mike, not building one but it sound like a fun project :slight_smile:

You may want to look at using a high power Radio Control motor speed controller if you want variable speed control. The RC speed controllers use servo type connections and pulses so the Arduino servos libraries can be used to drive them.

If your jeep has a standard brushed motor than something like this may work if the curent is 50 amps or less: