Arduino + GPS + Wifi + Cellular Wifi Hotspot and REAL TIME data

I am working a project where I can track the location of multiple vehicles and display there location in real time ( pseudo real time, updating every 5 minutes would be fine )

The vehicles already have wifi on board for other purposes, and I would like to take advantage of that.

There are plenty of tutorials out there including the one here which recommends the hardware

My problem comes in writing the data over wifi to a web server somewhere, and then interpreting that data and displaying the gps coordinates on a live updating map.

I've did some research and found a few examples that use GSM, but not any for wifi exclusively.

Do you think the hardware recommended in the adafruit link would be best or is there something newer/better I could use?

I'd like to keep this post updated as an ongoing review of the development.

Stage 1: Hardware Selection and ordering Stage 2: Soldering and Initial Configuration Stage 3: Local Data logging ( writing to SD card ) Stage 4: Connecting to Wifi and writing data to web servive ( like or ) Stage 5: Developing web server to receive data Stage 6: Take received data and publish to Google Maps in rea time

Any direction would be appreciated.