arduino graph plotting

hello i just bought a new serial graph display from sparkfun electronics. And i want to make a temperature monitor with graph plotting. Using analogue values stored into array i am getting from a temperature sensor can you help me. i don't know how to store the values in array and then make the plotting can you give me some instructions of how to do it

“serial graph display from sparkfun electronics”

// define the array size - byte, int, number of samples
int sensorArray[256]; // entries at 0-255

for (x = 0; x<256; x=x+1){  // capture 256 readings
sensorArray[x] = temperature_reading;  // however you make that reading

need the display info next, output the data in similar manner with a for:next loop

the display i bought is this one thanks for your reply it was very helpful can you help me further please

I'd cut the data down to 7 bits (0-127) and use the library to turn on the appropriate pixel as you go across the screen from position 0 to 63.

Or the other direction, with data cut down to 0-63 and go across the screen from 0 to 127.