Arduino grbl with 5v stepper motor

I have an old 2axis CNC lathe which has 2 Japanese stepper motors and they run by 5v power supply and I want to make it run with CNC shield and Arduino but on the shield is written 12-36 v . The question is . Can I run the steppers by 5v using the CNC shield (v3.0) I mean is there a way to use an extra power for the steppers by the shield
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Can you provide a data sheet for the stepper motors? If the motors are bipolar (4 or 6 wire) motors you may be able to drive them. The stepper drivers on the CNC shield are usually A4988 or DRV8825 drivers. The rated voltage of a stepper is less relevant than the motor current. Those drivers can be used with higher impedance (lower voltage) motors if the current is adjusted properly so they can run at higher than rated voltage.

Stepper motor basics.

they run by 5v power supply

How do you know?

The reason I ask is that stepper motors are usually rated by current (amps) rather than voltage.

The A4988 and DRV8825 stepper motor drivers that can work with a GRBL shield have an adjuster so they can limit the current to the maximum that the motor can accept. That allows them to work with higher voltages for better motor performance.


What I have is a JEULIN Microtour . and its steppers do not have any infos on them but when I searched Google about this machine I found infos about the steppers :
Stepper motors: 1.8° 16w - 5v . And they have 6 wires

1.8° 16w - 5v

If I interpret that right, that is over 3A per phase. As far as I know there is no stepper driver that will fit on the CNC shield and handle 3A. Neither the A4988 nor the DRV8825 will. The TB6600 stepper driver is one alternative.

You can still use the CNC shield as a convenient place to connect limit switches, probe, safety switches, etc. Remove the existing drivers and pick the step and dir signal pins from the header.

Thank I will try that
Last question I have two bl-tb6560 v2.0 if I should use them how much the voltage should I give for the stepper in bl-tb6560

The spec says 0 to 42V for the motor supply. 12V, in my opinion, would be the minimum, 24 (or higher) will give better performance. The driver must be set to limit current to the motor.