Arduino Grill

A group of functions stopped for fast food at the Arduino Grill. "What'll you have?", asked the waitress. "I'll take a vanilla float", said the first. "String fries for me", said the next. "Pass me a foot long hotdog" said the third. "I'll take the char broiled fish", said the next. "And what would you like, honey?", she asked the child function. "I'll take a double cheeseburger!", he exclaimed. The other functions all turned to look at him with surprise. "Are you sure you can eat that much?", asked the waitress. "I think I can handle it", said the small child. "At Arduino's, it's only 4 bytes!".

Did the child then have to wait a bit before going swimming (being summer and all)?

(being summer and all)?

So the kid won't be in class then.





Please, Not in public...