Arduino GSM BLUEVIA Password Reset

Hello there,

The problem is when i try to log into my account on it says that my password is incorrect, i have no idea why it is incorrect as i have 5 passwords that i always use :s

Therefore i am trying to reset my password but there is no way of doing this on the website and i have emailed support@bluevia several times but have received no reply i have also emailed and have received no reply .........

Does anybody have any ideas on what i can do apart from purchasing a new GSM to acquire a new movistar sim car(as i can't get one anywhere) in order to create a new account :S

I think the web interface should at least offer users the option to reset their password :S

Patiently waiting for replies over the past two weeks is causing a major delay for me ..... and i've got nowhere else to turn lol

I have even contacted Telefonica in London an left a message for somebody to call me back but i have still not heard nothing,

Any help or advice would be much appreciated, Thank you for your time :0


Sorry, we are working for adding password reset feature to new "movilforum website".

Thanks for your feedback.