Hello everybody!! :) i am newbie in arduino projects and i would like a little help...all i want to do is to receive a default sms when the power in an installaton is off...for example i have 4 tables of electrical installations and i want to receive an sms when one(or more) of them has no power.. i looked for some codes but none of them are doing what i need..i am amature in arduino codes so i would apreciate if someone could help me a little bit...i supose i m gonna need a SIM 900 GPS SHIELD AND AN ARDUINO UNO..i tried to step on the gsm example ¨sms recieve¨ but i didnt make it...any help would be great! :) :)

This tutorial may help you.

THANKS for your reply but my problem is not to send sms from my phone to arduino but the oposite..when the power is off in one of the tables then automaticaly the arduino sends an sms. :cold_sweat: I add a code here, maybe you can have a try.

thanks a lot!! it seems to be ok and as i read from the guy that you answered his post it works. with some code configuration i hope that it will work for me too..thank you again my friend!! :) :) :) :) :)

Learn more about it, you can visit this wiki page.