Arduino, GSM, GPS

I am sure this has been done before?
Insert Sim card, and log onto network. From another phone, send text message “Locate” for instance. Then Get co-ordinates from GPS, and send back to requester?

Reason for my thinking, I’ve had an armed robbery at my house. the robbers took of with about 50K worth of equipment, computers, and AV Stuff. Insurance is paying out 29K :frowning:
Would have been awesome if I had something like this hidden in one of my computers. Could have busted the robbers red handed and sent them to that place you do not pick up soap that dropped in the shower.

Yes, it's been done.

I found a Moto C261 (which supposedly has the same interface, but I haven't tested it yet) on the Tracfone network at a local dollar store. The C168i used by the project on the linked page is available on ebay for prices ranging from as little as $5 used to $50 new. Be warned: it's unclear whether an AT&T C168i will work on the Go Phone network, even though AT&T owns Go.

The Tracfone rate plan looks like it's probably better for "emergency only" use, while Go may have the edge for an application that does a lot of position queries (like, say, checking whether your kids have really taken the family car to the library...)

What about Arduino with the GSM GPRS GPS Shield with details as below?

With the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield the Arduino board is enabled to use GSM/GPRS and GPS functionality , for example

  • to identify the current position via GPS and send it via SMS
  • send an alert
  • to track a travel route and send it via GPRS

The communication between the two boards is achieved via the serial interface (GSM / GPRS) and SPI (GPS). Any standard GSM antenna types with SMA connectors can be used. Demo programs, drivers and libraries for operating the GSM / GPRS / GPS-Shield are of course included.
Features of Arduino GPS GSM GPRS Shield

  • operating voltage 5VDC ? 9VDC - requires the Arduino board “Duemilanove” or Uno”(ATmega328)


  • integrated GPRS GSM module: Telit GE864-QUAD
  • GSM-, GPRS-, CSD enabled - used with pre-paid or contract SIM cards of all providers, no SIM lock
    control via serial interface (TTL level), antenna connector: SMA


  • GPS module with integrated antenna - internal supply voltage: 3,3V - control via SPI

It is made by a friend of mine. They included all my wishes, recommendations and hints. A webshop with Arduinos and GSM GPS shields is in process.