Arduino GSM Library issue

Hi all... today I received the "Arduino GSM Shield" ( but I can't get it to work! The problem is the software library ... all the examples contained in the library give error.

TestModem => 'GSMModem' does not name a type

ReceiveSMS => 'GSM_SMS' does not name a type

GSMPachubeClient => 'GSMClient' does not name a type

GSMClient => 'GSMClient' does not name a type in

I get the error when I run the code verification ... so I suppose it is not a hardware problem.

It is probably a stupid mistake but please help me!


What is the version of your Arduino IDE?

Version 1.0.5.... thanks

Same mine too that problem with GSM, gave up then use SoftwareSerial and GSMSHIELD.

I solve it!! Arduino GSM Shield library is incompatible with the library of Open Electronics ARDUINO GSM shield (

bye bye ;)

Can you elaborate how to do it?