Arduino GSM M10 problem

Hello. My Project is to open two relays whith gsm. I have connect Arduino uno and Arduino GSM 10 as sandwitch, I have load my program and when call First time open First relay for 2 second and when call second time open second relay for 2 second. I have connect a relay shield whith 2 relays to pins 11, 12. It power from arduino UNO. The two relays control AC Motor as start and stop. All its OK but some times GSM and Arduino freezes and NET STATUS led dont glow. Then must reboot from power to play again and some times again and again..... If I test without relay shield dont freezes. Whtat can I do?

hi, perhaps the relay currents are causing distortions via the power supply on the Arduino. Especially critical is switching off the relay. There might be high pulses because of the induction of the coil.

You could filter out the pulses.