Arduino GSM Sheild remote control

I made a simple robot.. and im gonna develop it...
I am planing to develop Remote control system trough internet.

The only thing i want to know Can i make to a system to control robot trough internet using GSM shield ????
i want to control servos...and receive data From sensors,and video feed back .and im going to use C# app or webpage as controlling interface.
Any help .. pls ???

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i am probably going to try the same thing - i think if you want to connect via the internet you’d need the Ethernet Shield.
the GSM shield is even more expensive i think, even more so a WiFi one if you want a robot that’s untethered.

i’m not there yet, but i think it’s probably possible to “connect via GSM” although it might be more straightfroward via Ethernet.
that’s my next target to learn.

i think video feedback will be too heavy for the Arduino though.

Thanks for the advice ...
I want to control robot from any where. That's why i thought to use GSM shield. And WiFi is also a good option. But in my country(Sri lanka), it hard to find WiFi zones and i cant use WiFi for long distances...

yes, i guess that is an option - using a phone network to connect the Arduino to the world.

but if you're making a webpage interface, somewhere along the line you have to connect to the internet - i don't know what the GSM shield can do, but maybe it has protocols to connect to the internet, that's the link i've not yet learned.

the whole link probably looks something like this;

robot -- Arduino -- GSM shield -- phone network --(?)-- internet -- Webpage -- your HTML(php?) code

yeah ...thats the idea...As i know Arduino GSM sheild can connect to internet using GPRS ...

Still i also don't know the programming part and hardware part ...
But i'm going to learn.... within 2-3 months :smiley:


in order not to reinvent the wheel...... a send you a link for a professional Web Server working very well:



thanks ..pal