Arduino GSM Shields works with all the boards or it needs a paticular one?

i’m approaching into the world of Arduino and i would like to build a GSM remote controller which collect data from 2 or 3 analog input every 60 minutes and will send an SMS daily .
First i would like to understand if the Arduino GSM Shield works with all the Arduino main boards and second i need to understand wich Arduino main board could have an external memory-card (USB-pen, SD or similar) that will store the data (like a datalogger)

Thanks in advance


GSM Shield works with Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega ADK and Arduino Leonardo. Mega ADK and Leonardo requires some little modifications. To support a SD card, you have to get something like this:, provided that the pins, that are used by GSM Shield, aren’t used by SD board. These pins are digitals 2 and 3.