Arduino GSM SIM900 Time and date?

Hello I'm trying to figure out how to get the time and date from the gsm sim900 like what the cellphones do? i did google searches i found a few thing but very confusing and they was from the sim808 or 800 version i think can someone please help me out? Thank you.

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I'm no expert, but do you need a working sim card in the gsm to get onto the network first?

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Hello thank you TomGeorge for the information. I do not know how to get the time and date from the Gsm network. I try to look into the pdf file for sim900 but unless i miss something i don't see it I have a Seeeedstudio V1 gsm sim900 this one But I would like to display the time and date on it.

The other problem I'm having is that the audio i can here with a pair of speakers from my pc if there amp speakers. But i can not talk from my gsm module to my cellphone nothing comes out of the cellphone i try to get a amp microphone but made no different and I'm not sure why. So i tried a second Gsm module sense i have 2 of them and did the same thing i been trying to get help from it from my other post but so far nothing.

hello can someone please tell me what are the commands for reading time and date off of the GSM network. Or at least how to set it?

it mat be work...
AT+COPS=2\r\n to register with network
AT+CTZU=1\r\n automatic time zone update is enabled
AT+COPS=0\r\n register to network
AT+CCLK?\r\n gets the clock of the MT