Arduino.h error when using DevDuino board


I am would like to compile and upload code via Web Editor to a DevDuino board created by Alexandre Pailhoux. The board is based on Arduino Leonardo. I managed to import the DevDuino library but verifying example codes result alway in the same error.

ardhuino.h: No such file or directory

The codes work perfectly fine when using the Arduino IDE Desktop application and selecting Arduino Leonardo board. I use macOS Big Sur Version 11.4

I am grateful for any advise.

Should the file be named Arduino.h ?

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The cause of the problem is here:

#include <arduino.h>

The filename is actually "Arduino.h". The difference doesn't matter on a case insensitive file system like Windows. This means that such a sloppy mistake can easily be missed by a developer using Windows. But on a case sensitive file system, arduino.h and Arduino.h are two different things.

macOS is actually case-insensitive by default, so I guess maybe you have changed the configuration to be case sensitive.

I see that someone has submitted a fix for this three years ago:

But it seems the folks at devduino got their paycheck after the kickstarter campaign was funded and then abandoned support for their product.

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