Arduino Hbridge not working

Hi All

i just got my Arduino R3 along with a H-Bridge, i followed all the instructions with regards to installation and drivers, all good, hooked up the H-Bridge along with a DC motor as per the start up guide on freetronics. Resulting in nothing at all, there is power going through the H-Bridge, and used the code as per the website, but i am getting nothing at all.

any suggestions

Are you using the Freetronics HBRIDGE: motor shield for Arduino? If so, does your motor voltage fall between 8 and 40 V?


Yes i have, as per the instructions, when i place a voltmeter across the Channel A out put, it reads zero, even though it should be oscillating between positive and negative as per the programming code, have tried different sized motors to no effect


Is your external power between 8 and 40V and are your motors rated between 8 and 40 V?

power supply is 7.5, afraid to use any higher than 10volt as the arduino board is rated for 7-10volt, motors are rated 8-40volt


just pumped it upto 12volts, working fine :slight_smile:


just pumped it upto 12volts, working fine :slight_smile:


Ah good news. For reference, you can isolate by the motor supply voltage from the Ardiuno by removing the jumper shunt from the Arduino Vin with the "bridge Vin to motor power" jumper on the shield. However any decent board should handle 12V without any issues.