Arduino & HC-06


I am studying Bluetooth and its many protocols and profiles. My question is, I would like to create a

Bluetooth scanner using the HC-05/06 shields. What I am looking for is to scan at certain intervals, if a
new MAC is discovered it is stored. I would like some opinions if this can be done ( which i am sure it can with a bit of study ).

I am not looking for anyone to build code or even send me toward code. I would like to know if you think this could be done?


I don't think an HC-06 would be up for this.

I am not doubting your reply my friend but it seems that any standard Bluetooth with and external antenna can be used with BTScanner to gather Bluetooth MAC ID's. Of course BTScanner is connected to a computer and not a Microcontroller.

Is my assumption of a MCU/Computer correct?


it seems that any standard Bluetooth with and external antenna

I have no idea about what you want to do, but guess it depends on what you mean by "any standard bluetooth". The HC-06 is "non-standard" to the extent that it is a slave-only device with a reduced instruction set, and is the only device I know of with this limitation. I therefore assume is is a bad choice for whatever you have in mind, particularly since the HC-05 is as likely to do the job as any, and costs about the same as an HC-06 these days.

I have never heard of an HC-0x connected to a PC, but I guess it is just a matter of wiring and software.