Arduino headers BROKEN?????

Hi, I've recently had finished a project of making a plane autopilot. Everything worked well and the plane flew well but after I was tired of it, I tried to strip off the Mega from the plane(I do not have another Arduino). But accidentally I broke the analog input headers. Now what do I do. I live in a small town and the nearest headers are 359 Km away. Is there any way to fix it.

PS: The headers have completely snapped off and I don't even have the remains???? :o

Post a picture of it - close up of the damaged area, so we can see if the PCB is repairable. Often if a component is torn off the board, the traces it was connected to get lifted up from the PCB and torn away, making repair much more difficult.

How the heck much force did you have to apply to rip off the header?! Like, it’s soldered on with through holes, that’s about as rigid and durable a connection as you can get… order a new one. USPS can deliver anywhere in the world.