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Hello, I am requesting some help as I have no clue as where to start I just know what I want to accomplish. So here is my situation, I have a sensor that outputs Variable Voltage 0-5v I have a guage that changes its range based off of resistance or OHMS the range is 3-160ohm I need to convert the 0-5v to 3-160ohms what would I need to convert this and is it even possible using an arduino I’m new to electronics and have no experience so any help

please forward links and a pictures showing:

I have a sensor that outputs Variable Voltage 0-5v
I have a guage that changes its range based off of resistance or OHMS the range is 3-160ohm

I’m not sure what you mean are you talking g about the “tables” that based off what pressure it gets what voltage and based off what pressure the ohms reading it is? I’m not sure I follow what you’re asking

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The best way to get help in the forum is to provide good information about your project and ask specific questions. For instance, provide links to datasheets of all non-Arduino components e.g., your sensor and gauge. You must have collected some information already, share that. It is your project and there are many other users that ask for help. While we search for information you already have, we have no time to answer questions.

About being clueless, please be more specific to allow people to give you some useful guidance. If I told you to watch some introductory videos about electronics, Arduinos and C/C++ programming on Youtube that might be a good point to start, but then you might know that already and just mean the sensor.

Basically it’s an oil pressure sensor that as pressure rises the voltage increases as well exp. 100psi=5v and 0.1v=0psi my gauge I have uses ohms the same way 160ohm=100psi and 3ohm=0 it’s an analog gauge. The sensor doesn’t matter as long as it has a 12v input and an output any pressure sensor would work. I have a prosport gauge and the sensors they use for the performance series are garbage they leak they just are better off as garbage but the actual gauge itself looks good and is cheap I want an alternative sensor that works but all the better quality ones seem to be 0-5v and don’t go based off resistance as this one does. Basically inside the dome there is a plate that the oil presses against as pressure increases and a small wire moving back and forth is what changes the resistance between 3-160ohm and it breaks easily and the housing of the oil pressure sensor leaks. I tried adding images but it will not let me says new users can’t embed images

sorry I had to post the images in separate posts it will not allow me to add more than one image per post also as for my knowledge I work in IT I’m not really huge into electronics as it’s a hobby starting for me and I’ve done small projects using a breadboard and arduino based off little things I’ve looked at online but my actual extent of knowledge on topic of electronics is very limited I don’t know much coding but can figure that part out but I’m sure I could use help there too pretty much I would like take this open to anyone willing to help so I can make a post and help other car people and stuff so they don’t have to spend 200 on a gauge they could pick up for 40 and add alittle to actually get it quality and to work

The gauge doesn’t work on “resistance” , none do , it works on voltage . If you vary the voltage to it, then the reading will change ( try it !).

Normally with these gauges the sensor is in series with the gauge , as the resistance changes, the voltage/current at the gauge changes .

So make something that reads the new analog voltage from your transducer , processes it, then via a transistor , output a PWM signal to the gauge . In this setup the gauge will be sensitive to battery voltage, so supply it with a 9v regulator . The gauge will need less than 9v for full scale, so don’t burn it out !!

Tbh - do you really need precision in measuring oil pressure ? In the car pressure is just controlled via a spring blow of valve, so do you care if it’s 40.0 psi or 40.5psi ? I guess you care if it’s 10psi !

Think about reliability in your design - is it possible for it to show a value if it fails , when the actual Pressure is zero ? Simplicity wins !! ( less parts = more reliability ) …And you are adding a lot of complexity . Don’t forget you need to calibrate the system and check temperature/voltage/vibration and shock dependency .

Get your wallet out and buy a “stack” stepper gauge and sender - used by most race teams

There u go

import the o.m. table voltage vs pressure into a SWITCH/CASE structure.


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The point of this is to avoid spending 200 per gauge and I have other gauges made by prosport that are not as trash. I’m not trying to spend 1k on gauges that if I could get cheaper ones to work and be reliable then that’s fine and no it does not have to be perfect precision but I want it withing a few psi if possible and I’ll give it a shot by changing the voltage I don’t really have any way to test that but maybe I’ll order some potentiometers and test I do alpriciate the help

You want cheap? Make your own gauges using RC servos. I’ve done it and its super simple.

With a little creativity your gauges can look however you like. The coding is pretty much a no brainer : read analog, map values send to servo.

-jim lee

I think you’re all missing the point of this. I already have the gauge and a pressure sender I’m trying to make what I have work not from scratch I have other gauges that this matches already that I would like to keep

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