arduino, high power h bridge

good morning, I am quite new in electronics and I have a problem that is not resolved, I currently have two 24v and 24amp motors, the intention is to control the direction of rotation of each one independently and a pwm, the problem is that I wanted do with mofset but the arduino does not saturate the mofset, I don’t know if use mofset in darlingtong pair or use mofsets with octocouplers or use relay, but I don’t know what would be the ideal connection to have the least loss of power in the circuit, what is the best choice and why?

use a TC4427

Or a HIP4081A, then you can drive all 4 devices. At least read the datasheet.
Note that this isn't really a beginner's project, there are a lot of pitfalls with high
power H-bridges, one mistake and bang!

Best to start with a less ambitious amount of power to control than 600W. And note
that stall current of a 24A motor will be collosal, that's one of the pitfalls.

Try eBay or several other sources and you can find a BTS7960 module rated at 42 Amps. It is completely assembled and connects directly to the Arduino. You will need two of these which can be gotten for under $7.00 each but delivery time dependent. The major requirement is you have your grounds connected, if not it can get very crazy. This will give you full PWM, Direction, On and Off control. It has an output enable and status pins. It is actually 2 1/2 bridges in one module. They work great for driving lots of LEDS. For starters you can start with small motors and lower voltage, then when you have it your circuit does not change, just be sure to use large enough wire.
Good Luck, Have Fun! Gil

The BTS7960 looks likes the simplest solution
(and chespest).
I would try that first.