Arduino High School Textbook

Hey I figured this might be a good place to mention this. I've launched a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of a high school level textbook and associated curriculum materials. You can get full details on the kickstarter project page.

I've been teaching with Arduino for a few years now and I've been refining my delivery over time. I'm finally at the point where I'm about ready for prime time. If you're interested please consider supporting my project. The other way you can support me is by helping to spread the word.

In addition, I'm always open to suggestions if you have any recommendations for how I could do this better.

Thanks, Steve Dickie Divine Child High School

In the intro on the website you could post some pictures of a variety of projects showcasing the versatility of the Arduino to get the students excited about the possibilities. I like the creative aspect of the 'challenges' in the course. The Arduino is an artistic medium.

Good idea. Typically, on the first day of the class I take them on a tour of some of the possibilities with Arduino. I could easily add that to the web site as well.

Thanks, Steve