Arduino Home automation software

I see alot of posts talking about home automation builds but nothing talking about software available that supports the arduino. Or for that matter anyone who has written their own software. So is there any that im just not aware of?

I'm writing my own software for home automation.


I use the Homeseer home automation product and have most of my house "automated". (

I've just finished a project that integrates Arduino (via Xbee) to the Homeseer home automation software. Now, I can use an Aduino to control / trigger any home automation event, or control the Arduino (and associated circuits) from Homeseer.

I'm just starting to document and writeup my project on integrating Arduino/Xbee into it, so it will be a few weeks before it gets published. I will post links in "exhibition" when it's up.


I too am using Homeseer, do you have the details of how you interfaced using the xbee? i am hoping to do the same thing!