Arduino & Home Easy (DI-O Chacon) & 433mhz

Hello, Few days ago i've buy a pack containing three Chacon DI-O :

And i would like to control the three electrical outlets with my arduino Uno Rev3 and my transmitter 433.92 MHZ.

So i search on internet how i can do it, but i just find how to do it with a Raspberry PI, but not with an arduino ... I just find that on the official arduino website : So i take this library :

But i doesn't work ... I've test with the example transmitter sketch ... And i don't understand why ... And outlets are not the problem because when I manually activated ( with remote control) is well hear the noise and the fact that it works ( by plugging in a lamp)

(I just want to put ON or OFF the outlets)

Thank you in advance,

I continued my research all the night and this morning, but have still found nothing ...

Can someone help me ?

Hello Suli I´m trying to do the same. Did you find any solution???



I 'm sorry but I have found no solution. But, I have found many solution with a raspberry pi. I hope to order one this week to try with the Raspberry Pi, i'll keep you posted...

To be continued ... ;-)


Thanks, please send me any solution with raspberry pi, we can try and share results.