Arduino hookup to alarm system?

Well heres my idea. I want to hookup a RFID reader to the m328 and get it to open my door and disable my alarm. I dont know too much about the alarm, It looks like it could be a serial interface (4 wires, two of which are power). However Im unsure of how i can go and check.

My question is mostly if someone has interfaced with an alarm system and if so how, the other is if its not a serial device, is there a way to capture the signal it sends to the box and store it? Any help would be helpful. I hope this can be done, Will just add to the usefulness of having a RFID chip implanted in my hand ;)

well, it's not recomended to tamper with a working alarm system ;)

But, you can try to get another control box, just like the one you want to interface to rip apart, what is easyest is to mimic keypresses on the buttons, by using transistors to close the button circuit. You probably need pin extender as the keypad has 0-9 buttons + few control buttons.

THe other approach is to interface to where the keypad strokes leads to ;) but I can not advice here as there are a few possibilities.

If You sucessfully alter the copy and you behold the manual input, then you can modify the working one. But it will void the garanty and if it is linked to some alarm central, you are in a big trouble :)


Hmm, so your saying its most likely not a serial interface?

And I hate how you dont own anything these days. you should be able to do what you want. Hmm Ill have to figure this out.

you can google up the chips, then you can make sure, there is allways possibility for serial interface

Ok thanks. Guess I will call up the security comp and talk to them about it as well as look up the chip.

good luck with getting them to part with such technical info. Its safe to assume that for security reasons they won't be sharing such info with everyone.

You could try emulating the keypad as suggested by ArduinoM, but just make sure you have a good explanation when they come and find it hacked oneday, because you might be violating your T&C's with your security company if the system is connected to their control centre.

In fact its most likely the contract will say that the equipment belongs to them, in which case I would reccomend you try and get them to fit a wireless key fob receiver to the system and then you can get your circuit to trigger that.

Is it a standalone system without a connection to a control center? Find out if its possible to have a wireless remote receiver installed. 8-)