arduino horse feeder with rtc module

Hey world,

i am not a newbie in arduino but also not a pro.
I learned arduino at school.

My dad gave me a project to make: an automatic hose feeder with selenoid locks on a timer.
My question is not about the locks but about somthing with my lcd screen. In my program, you can see that the program just keeps on reconizing the highlighted thing as an hour and not as a position on my lcd.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

thanks in advance.

code_steven.ino (7.05 KB)

 if (lcd.setCursor(4, 0))

The setCursor() function does not return a value to compare to. From the source code:

void LiquidCrystal::setCursor(uint8_t col, uint8_t row)

Not sure what you are trying to do there.

If you use auto format (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto Format) on your code you will see that you have extra curly brackets at the end. You will need to sort that out eventually.

Read the how to use this forum sticky to see how to properly post code and error messages. Post the entire text of the error message(s). Paraphrasing the error message leaves out important information.