Arduino hosted Z80 disassembler

I've been looking around for software on the arduino that can disassemble Z80 machine code.
I found the following github site:
I had a look at the code but I can't seem to find what pins on the arduino are supposed to be connected to the Z80. Can somebody shed some light on this?

"This code is purely the disassembler and does not include any code to talk to a Z80 nor to define how any such connection would be made."

From the very page you linked.

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This code works on and outputs single data for single opcodes only.

That makes it kind of useless then.

Not at all useless. It saves you a few seconds of looking up the byte value, to get the mnemonic for an instruction in the Z80 op code table.

And it forms a basis for a complete disassembler, should you want to write one.

The hardware connection is a completely different project (it's possible there are many). Google for them.

You never told us, what you are actually trying to do...

Not entirely useless - it's hopefully taught you to read the documentation.

To dissasemble Z80 code you could try reading the attached memory ..........

I'd like to monitor the Z80 in mij microcomputer. Is spotted this article:
And It kinda got me interested.

Even if you figure out how to trap op-codes on the bus (I don't think the Z80 distinguishes between opcode and data fetches - it's been a few decades since I've used one), I suspect you'll have to insert a ton of wait-states to give the Arduino enough time to decode and transmit/display the results.

Maybe just hook a Mega to the EPROM, and cycle through the addresses.

I'm sure you could find a much better Z80 disassembler that runs on a PC.

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