Arduino house intercom system

Hello Arduino fans.

I promise to keep all my question in regards to intercom systems in this forum thread. Perhaps this is best served with other hardware or raspberry Pi 3? googling about this arduino subject only returns dated posts.

With WIFI,RF or Bluetooth, there must be a way to TALK to someone in another part of the house I think. My preference is RF or Bluetooth.

To start, you need to determine range, number of stations, bandwidth per voice channel, and the number of concurrent conversations.

These will help you identify suitable technologies and subsequently the hardware to support those requirements.

Wireless is good, but remember you still have to get power to each endpoint.

Power is not an issue. 3 stations with a distance of about 50' but only 2 persons at a time will communicate. Bandwidth per voice not sure what it means.

There is a good chance others have tried before. Do a Google and find any problems. Youtube is sometimes a good source. As an example try Julien Ilet site.

Yep I am starting to lean on some walky talky.

Try these for inspiration

lastchancename: Try these for inspiration

cool links. Thanks