Arduino how to

hello! I am a newby to this forum and especially to 3d printing so be gentle lol I am78 yrs old and I need help I have installed Marlin an my windows10 laptop I have also downloaded Arduino on my laptop and when I open Arduino , the only option I have is sketch so how do I find the configuration h and such? I have doubled my girth since I have been trying to figure this out, in other words, I am beside myself! and help I can get will be most appreciated! Thank you all in advance tinkerbill

What are you trying to do that you need to find configuration.h ?

I am trying to calibrate n flsun delta kossel mini printer

Is there a tutorial you are reading?

Thanks to all, I have the firmware installed, now there are other issues the xyz axis are all inverted!, oh well I got this delta for a learning process, and believe you me I am getting my moneys worth! (remind me to NEVER get another delta printer). Thanks again to all! tinkerbill