Arduino HTTP Command - ESPEasy

I am new to Arduino and although I am starting with and creating some basic projects my end goal right now is to be able to turn my Sonoff on and off via a momentary switch attached to my Wifi enabled Arduino board. I'm not looking for the code I would just like to pointed in the right direction.

I flashed my Sonoff so that it now runs ESPEasy and set it up so that I can control it from my browser using,TurnOn to turn it on and,TurnOff to turn it off. I have been reading about using POST or GET requests but none of the examples I find seem to send a similar command to how I currently have my Sonoff set up.

My question is what should I be looking at and reading about to be able to send these types of commands via the Arduino?

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I'm thoroughly enjoying getting into coding but finding this step quite challenging to say the least!