Arduino humidifier

I’m very beginner to arduino so I need your help and experience. For a small university project, we have to build a small arduino device. I want to build a portable water atomizimation device that works for 30 seconds every 12 hours. I have this materials and also the Arduino Uno. Is it possible to build a device like that and if it’s possible, how? Sorry for my bad english.
Thank you

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Is it possible to build a device like that and if it's possible, how?

Yes it's possible.

And I would expect a University student to be sufficiently knowledgeable to have some ideas about how to build the project.

However if you are new to Arduinos then the examples that come with the Arduino IDE are a good place to start. They probably cover all the techniques you will need. There are also many online tutorials. Also see the Useful Links Thread.

And if you are going to learn how to create your program I suggest you break your project into several smaller learning parts. Write a short program to learn how to use each piece of hardware and each programming technique. That is how all complex programs are developed and by dealing with each part separately it will be much easier to find relevant examples and advice.

If you want to keep time accurately over long periods (such as 12 hours) you will need a Real Time Clock (RTC) module as the Arduino's timekeeping with the millis() function is unlikely to be accurate enough.


Thank you very much! I appreciate it

Arduinos and batteries and beginners
Pick any two......

To get started it will be best to use a wall charger for the arduino.

Please post a link to the device.
In case we see something you will need to do.

It does sound like a good first pproject .