Arduino HW recomendation

Hi all,

I would like ask more experienced guys. I'm little bit confuned, which one Arduino I should choose as best for my aplication.

Suggest for my project:
I would like control 4 relays for switching fuel maps on my motorbike, control it with display and buttons. And for control throttles on air-intake and lamba sonda tracing.

Thanks a lot

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I don't know what a "fuel map" is (a map of fuel stations?), but any Arduino board can do all of these tasks. Look at the Nano.
Avoid the Uno. It's a great board for the classroom, but the Nano beats it in just about every spec.

On the other hand, if this is your first Arduino project, then I strongly recommend that you buy an Uno and a "sensor" kit. Then start experimenting with the sensor kit and the example sketches in the IDE. Diving right into the deep end will only make your project take longer.

Somewhat confusing, Steve!

I agree with Steve's first statement: avoid Uno. And Mega. And Due. A classic Nano v3 would be my recommendation also.

If this is the FIRST Arduino experience, then the Uno is, as I said, a good classroom processor. And more expendable.

... and, if this is your first project, you should do a lot of bench experiments before trying to install something like this on a motorcycle. Then the choices will become clearer to you...

It's almost like, "I want to write a novel, what kind of pen should I use?".

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Hi @oration,

on projects with little space, I like to use the Arduino Mini.
It has all the features of the Nano, but it doesn't have the USB interface,
which during normal use is unnecessary.
To upload codes I use the module with FT232RL, which I remove after I record the code.

RV mineirin

People here won't automatically know what that is. Of course, I could Google it. :slight_smile: The concept is, we help for free. Don't force us to do unnecessary work to help you.

There are forum guidelines that you should read, in order to post a question in a way that it will get good results.

Hi guys,

thans for help.
Yes, I´m plannig a plenty of tests before use on my bike. SW and HW must be durable, but the function, that I expect, doesnt has an impect for function at all. Only reading analog values and switching some relays. I checked what marker offers, I am wondering about Arduino Nano, is it suitable too?

The Nano or Pro Mini would probably work for your project. I say "probably" because your requirement is still vague.

Also, there's a new one, "durable". Well, that obviously depends on how it's constructed and used... none of the Arduinos are automotive or industrial grade electronics.

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