Arduino I2C menu code

Hi there everyone,

I currently have a project for a 20x4 i2c LCD in which I would like to incorporate a menu however all the videos and articles I have read don't make sense to me and I've tried countless codes in which don't work for me..

I just want a simple code in which I can connect push button switches to certain digital inputs on my mega2560 arduino board. And I can then modify and change the menu to the way I would like it.

If someone could supply a sample code or help me out that would be great!

Thank you everyone,

You should try and search, I put on here a simple menu system here post 5, Should get you started. You need to read and play with it to learn it

It depends on how complicated you need. I posted a flexible version starting with this It's a longer story over several posts as I tried to explain everything.

It's only about menus, not about I2C.

I have a simple menu system in my libraries at GitHub - MajicDesigns/MD_Menu: Menu system for displays with up to 2 lines

You should read the documentation in the docs folder (open the index.html file) for how to use it. There there is also an example that you can read and follow.