Arduino Ic Booting?

Hi friends, i brought atmega328p ic it not booted,i want to boot this ic using avr atmel which has 10 pin asp in that how to connect with that to arduino uno.

I also tried with booting two arduino board it was getting an error comport selection wrong this is the link which i followed please help me.


UNO board has a 6 pin ICSP header.

Here is a link to breadboard duino, includes bootloading.

The software on that page makes bootloading from Arduino much easier.

Thanks I tried with this before i am not able to bootload.Can u help with 2 arduino uno board one with new ic and other with bootloaded.

I am having avr atmel JTAGICE mk11 will u help with this which has 10 oin ICSP how to connect with 6 pin uno board.

First hit on google has the pinout...