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i know its petty, but as a designer i was tired of arduino not playing nice with the icons next to it in the dock. (esp. when you put arduino and processing next to each other.) so i took a moment and redid the arduino icon with a little gradient and drop shadow so that it fits in better with the rest of my icons.

i changed the way my dock looks, but this should give you an idea of what it looks like in the dock:

and with leopard supporting icons up to 512x512 for coverflow, this is how it looks in that:

id like to submit it to the developers if they'd like to use it for future releases, but i dont know how so im posting it here.

Awesome. The current icon does look a bit off next to the Processing one.

This is a fine place to post things like this. Is the file available anywhere? If so, I should be able to include it in the next version.

available here:


Hi people,

really liked the new processing icon, so I altered the arduino icon to resemble it better. This way they again are twins in my dock!

I hand-traced the .png file above, to make a scaleable vector graphic. - The Ultimate Pet Blog

Can some make the A in arduino, look like its a trick of the eye.. Looks like an A but where u see it its an electronic circuit.. or vice versa.. Like the > in FedEx


Do you mind if I use your brilliant icon on my website?


Great, thanks for the svg, exactly what I was looking for... Too bad the new arduino logo is (AFAIK) , could anyone "convert" that to svg?

Well, searching, I come up with this:
I would recommend right clicking and saving rather than trying to open it in your web browser (takes ages!)



Hi, I have just fixed the arduino logo in svg.

It was machine-traced, but I have just redrawn it from scratch:

It's not done yet, so if you want to thank me, finish it up, the colours in the circles could use some fine touches. :slight_smile: Also, try editing the articles that use the .png and update them to use the Arduino logo svg:

P.S. I hope the licenses GFDL / CC-BY-SA don't cause a problem.

I recently made an Arduino svg icon too. :slight_smile:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, someone complained about the lack of an icon for the Arduino IDE in Linux and suggested an icon with the general looks of an Arduino board. Inspired by this I used a photo of an Arduino 2k9 and tried to make a decent icon using Inkscape. I got there, alright, but who wants a 1.2 MB icon? So I made a simple sketch of the board by hand, also in Inkscape. The blue color is lighter than the original board, in order to look good with the default theme for Ubuntu 10.04. There is some white text on the board and I signed my work there, when used as an icon you can not make out what it says.

PNG preview:

SVG icon (13 kB)

Does anyone have the processing icon? After setting it up, I couldn't find one.

Maybe a google search had the answer :slight_smile:


As I changed the arduino logo for my website:

(, I had removed the A from the original arduino logo...

I thought to make it easy for other people, I would post it up as a base image for you to add your own letter to.

See here for the logo base:

Mowcius :slight_smile:

Lol sry I know, I found it a short while after I sent the post. I much prefer the purple one though.

Thanks :smiley: