Arduino ICSP programming. Is it possible?

Hi all. Sorry for my english. I had successfully uploaded an scatch using Arduino Mega ADK on ATtiny85 chip. I used normal MISO, MOSI, SCK and SS pins.

I want know, if it's possible to upload scatches on small boards (Attinys...) only with ICSP headers. Because some others boards (such as Leonardo) doesn't have MISO, MOSI, SCK and SS connected to normal pins. It looks like, there is SS pin missing on ICSP header. Is there any way to upload scatches without using of SS?

THX for any answer G.

as long as you can connect - either through an ICSP header or directly to the pins you can program.

Hi G

If you are looking to program the ATTiny85 from the ICSP pins on the Arduino, using ArduinoISP I think it won’t be entirely possible. Reason is the RESET you need to have connected to D10 so the Arduino sketch can pull the reset pin on the ATTiny85 low. But on the ICSP header on the Arduino reset is connected to (understandably) reset on the ATMega328 so the Arduino can be programmed.

I’ve not done it but expect all the other connections would be fine, but you’ll need to wire D10 to leg 1 on the ATTiny85 and leave the reset from the ICSP block unconnected to program the ATTiny from an Arduino using that header block.

Cheers ! Geoff