Arduino IDE 0022 for 64bit linux?


I noticed that 0022 has been released for many platforms, but 64bit linux-version seems to be still missing. Is it scheduled to be released in near future? The 0021 just does not work with my Unos and 64bit Ubuntu 10.10.

Luckily the FTDI-versions still work without problems.

Yes, there needs to be a proper 64-bit version.

In the meantime, copy the arduino-0021/lib/ file from the 64-bit edition of version 21 to arduino-0022/lib/

Version 22 will then startup and you can talk to Unos.

The 64-bit version is up now. Sorry for the delay. A proper build process has now been put in place, so future 64-bit versions should come out with the rest of the releases.

Thank you. I just installed this on my Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 system and it works great!