Arduino IDE 1.5.5 and USBASP porgrammer


I've got atmega 328p connected to my PC VIA USBASP programmer

In my boards.txt i've added:[usbasp]ATmega328 usbasp328.upload.using=usbasp usbasp328.upload.maximum_size=32768

Using Arduino ide 10.5 usbasp328 board and USBASP programmer everything works fine.

Using Arduino ide 1.5.5 during upload process I'm getting error "Board at COM1 is not available".

USBASP is using USB not COM

Do you know what I shoul do to use usbasb in Arduino IDE 1.5.5 ?

I canĀ“t help you but I can give you an advise: turn on Files/Preferences/Shou output messages at: upload and look the avrdude line. It must use "-c usbasp" as a parameter. I tried upload with the originals parameters and always got an "-c arduino". Some changes and it worked when the command line turns to "-c usbasp". I changed the boards.txt and deleted the preferences.txt for this.