Arduino IDE 1.6.3 "CRC doesn't match. File corrupted"

I noticed that my Arduino Due is not supported in the latest Arduino 1.6.3 IDE immediately after downloading it. So, I went in to board manager and tried to download the firmware and all the necessary files for the Due. The download went okay, but when the board manager dialog box shows "verifying file integrity", it gives out an error saying "CRC doesn't match. File corrupted".The Due is not listed in the Boards drop down menu when I checked it. I am trying to install the Arduino 1.6.3 IDE on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64-bit.

I am getting the same error message. Using the old board but can't get any libraries. I have installed the software twice. Did you come up with a solution to your problem? I think the libraries should load when the software is installed. ?? Working with windows 8.