Arduino IDE 1.6.7 - single or multiple installs?

So, i have a few different types of hardware - AVR (Arduino UNO R3, Arduino ProMini clone), ESP (NodeMCU, ESP32-CAM, Wemos D1 R32), STM32 (BluePill clone), a couple PICs…

When i was initially examining the Arduino IDE, i installed all revelant board cores - it quickly became a mess switching between projects for different boards. I was trying out v.1.8.9 at the time. And i have really used only the UNO R3 and the ESP32-CAM.

Now i removed it all and switched to a portable Arduino IDE v.1.6.7 due to reasons. I currently have only the default AVR core.

Assuming that i’m stuck at v.1.6.7, i guess it would be easier to make separate portable instances for each board type, but thought i would ask for advice first.

Would there be any advantage in using a single install for all boards? Or the disadvantages and possible conflicts would nullify that?

With multiple (portable) installs i could still save some disk space by hard-linking the duplicate files. And i won’t need to switch between totally different boards in a single install.
Can i simultaneously run two (or more) separate instances of the IDE (v.1.6.7. specifically)? Or starting a second one will just switch me to the first?

Anything else you can think of? Any (reasonable) suggestions are welcome!

Yes. You can do that, no problem.

Another question - do you know of any non-AVR boards that may need the AVR core files?

I’m trying to make a clean template of the IDE, which i could then just copy and install only specific cores into.
I moved away the AVR files in /hardware and a few of the default libraries, which seem hardware-specific, but didn’t test extensively yet.

They can only be accessed by boards of the avr architecture. There are third party AVR architecture boards that reference the files used by Arduino AVR Boards platform. A couple examples:

Thanks for the quick reply.
So, i won’t need those for non-AVR boards.
I thought something else may use the compiler, or some default library.

So far, i have two instances of the IDE - one for AVR and one for STM32.
The ESP comes next…

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