Arduino IDE 1.6.9 Crashing on Startup

IDE 1.6.9 crashing on startup. I get the splash screen, but when it closes the IDE does not come up. Last successful launch 5/25/16. I was able to find how to run the arduino debug. File attached.

hs_err_pid2332.log.txt (21.8 KB)


get an earlier version.

there is a thread about this and unfortunatly, the concept/attitude is that you need to get a new computer with windows 10. if you are running XP, you are out of date and the newer versions do not support XP any longer.

there are numerous 'fixes' first, back up all your sketches and libraries and anything else you have.

delete your whole arduino download and erase the files AND the dowload software as it probably is doing a whole lot more than just installing your version of the IDE.

once you have cleaned your system, download the zip file then unpack that. without the install software.

it seems the install software loads all manner of hooks and links into your system.

if you crash after that, google your error code and it wil take you to the rather lengthy thread (forget if it was hundreds or thousands of posts) of all the others who have had the same issue. There are some solutions, such as deleting one of files in the new version and replacing it with one from one of the older versions.

as a note, I got a new PC from e-bay for $100, with win-7, then installed ubuntu for the additional drivers it has. now I can dual boot, and it works in both OS's.

Problem solved. I have a new wireless USB router and had it plugged in to the computer. For some reason this interferes with loading the IDE. Not sure how these two things are related. If I open the IDE first and then plug in the USB router, it kills the IDE. The USB does create three COM ports.

This issue looks the same as There is a possible fix available here: If you try it, please report here or on GitHub what your results are.

I believe this issue is isolated to Arduino 1.6.8 and 1.6.9 so you may be able to avoid it by using any previous version. Many users are still preferring to use 1.6.5-r5.