Arduino IDE 1.8.5 on Rasp Pi - can't see Raspio Duino board in ver 1.8.5

I had Arduino IDE version 2:1.0.5+dfsg2-4.1 on my Raspberry Pi and was able to program a Raspio Duino with the Gertboard Arduino IDE mods. All worked fine until I wanted the library for the Adafruit VL6180 distance measuring device which contained “_” and other special characters in the library name. The installed version of the IDE would not upload with these characters in the library files, so I removed that version of the IDE and installed Arduino IDE version 1.8.5. This allowed me to upload the library but when I uploaded the mods from the Gertboard site to allow the Pi to program the Raspio Duino via the SPI pins, the Raspio Duino did not show in the Boards menu despite it being in the Boards.txt file. The Raspio GPIO did not show in the programmers menu despite it being in the Programmers.txt file. It looks like the new version of the Arduino IDE 1.8.5 is not picking up the Boards.txt file or the Programmers.txt file. Does version 1.8.5 use these files? Do I need to recompile the new version? How can I correct this? Any ideas?

The hardware package folder structure was changed in Arduino IDE 1.5 and newer. This is why Arduino IDE 1.8.5 is not recognizing your 1.0 format hardware package for the Raspio Duino. There were also a few other changes.

My recommendation is to check to see if the Raspio Duino hardware package has been updated to the 1.5 hardware package structure. If so, you will only need to install the new Paspio Duino hardware package.

If there is no 1.5 format version of the Raspio Duino hardware package, then you will need to upgrade the hardware package yourself. You can find a guide for this here:

Do I need to recompile the new version?


Thanks for that - I'll give the migration a try. Charlie.