Arduino IDE 1.8.9 hangs

I'm happily typing away,I make a mistake and hit backspace. The keyboard is dead. Nothing. Typing backspace has not gotten rid of the erroneous character. Typing any character does nothing. CMD+anything does nothing. For example, CMD+C, CMD+X, or CMD+V do nothing. The mouse works, and menus work, CMD+S does nothing, but File->Save, Edit->Cut, Edit->Copy, and Edit->Paste work just fine. I have to quit from the IDE and restart it, in order to recover. Is this a known bug? Is anyone working on it? joe

I spend a lot of time on these forums, and this is the first time I've seen any report of an issue like this... that is some very unusual behavior. I wouldn't call it a hang - because it's still responding to mouse input. It sounds like... pressing backspace causes the IDE to ignore all input of any sort from the keyboard until it is restarted? Is that accurate?

Is there anything unusual about your system with regards to the keyboard/language/locale? What OS, including version of that OS? You don't have anything weird set up relating to backspace key? (ex, autohotkey macro, though I can't think of a sane reason to put an ahk macro on backspace)