Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.12 available for download!

A new release of Arduino IDE 2.x is now available for download here:

This release provides some important advancements and fixes:

Install Arduino AVR Boards on first startup

The classic Arduino IDE installation includes a pre-installed copy of the Arduino AVR Boards platform of the Uno, Nano, Leonardo, Mega, etc. boards. Previously, Arduino IDE 2.x users had to install support for any boards they wanted to use before they could get started. The AVR boards are a common starting point with Arduino, so the IDE providing support for these automatically will reduce the number of steps required to get to that magical first blink!

Improve Serial Monitor Performance

A bottleneck in the Serial Monitor output pipeline preventing it from keeping up with sketches that printed excessive throughput of data was identified and replaced with a new high performance architecture.

Update IDE platform

Arduino IDE 2.x is built on the open source Eclipse Theia IDE platform. This week's Theia v1.18.0 update provides improvements and fixes for several bugs that were affecting Arduino IDE 2.x users.

Fix editor quick suggestions preference

A bug was fixed that caused the File > Preferences > Editor Quick Suggestions setting to be reset.

Full changelog here:

If you have any questions or feedback please post here in the IDE 2.x's dedicated forum category:

If you want to see the list of known issues, work in progress, submit a formal report, or contribute to development, the IDE 2.x source code is hosted in this public repository:


Nice job.
I search into arduino-ide 2 beta a logo of arduino (same at left in this forum logo) to make a arduino.desktop of my linux.
I don't found one ;-(.

I use Debian Linux and new Arduino IDE beta 2, when I go to File -> Preferences -> Network If you set a manual proxy by error, you save. You go again into Network preferences you change no proxy, you save. But for me no change always a proxy.

Error into ~/.arduinoIDE/arduino-cli.yaml
proxy: http://_/
user_agent_ext: daemon

//proxy: http://_/
user_agent_ext: daemon

And now I can load library ! But into IDE you have a bug

There is a community provided .desktop template file, with icon here:

and a related issue here:

I am able to reproduce that bug. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention.

If you have a GitHub account, please submit an issue report so the Arduino IDE developers will be able to efficiently track the bug:

When submitting an issue on GitHub, it is important to do a search to make sure there isn't already a report in order to avoid duplicates. However, I have already done a search and didn't find an existing issue.

@Butor32's report on the proxy bug:

Thank you!