Arduino IDE 2.0 beta COM port issue


I just installed the Arduino IDE 2.0 beta and plugged my Arduino Uno in, but the IDE could not find the COM3 port with the Uno. Then I installed the Arduino IDE 1.8.16, which was able to recognize the Uno on COM3, and uploaded the Blink example. After all this, I reopened the 2.0 IDE and it was now able to recognize the Uno on COM3 and upload code to it.

I'm guessing the optional USB drivers were missing in the 2.0 IDE installer?
There were optional modules I installed with the 1.8.16 IDE (see screenshot below) that the 2.0 IDE installer did not prompt me for.


I've been using IDE Beta2 for some time and don't think I've seen the. I say "don't think" because sometimes when troubleshooting a program or device issue the IDE needs to be restarted and the board plugged in again for the ports to be seen.

I had both restarted the IDE Beta2 and unplugged and plugged the Uno back in. I had not restarted my computer at any point, since the COM port showed up in IDE Beta2 after installing IDE 1.8.16 and the optional drivers.

What I found in the v2.0.0-rc3 was once you load in the IDE of your board in the top drop down you will have to go to device manager and switch to com1 and disregard the note as "in service". I'm using W11 pro and it doesn't like being told what to do. In W11 it only likes to use com1 even when it shows you com3 is there.

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