Arduino IDE 2.0 Feedback - Makes updated Windows 10 laptop very slow

Hi I'm an Arduino reviewer, and was previously very satisfied with version 1.8.3

The 2.0 is a nightmare though. It's making my Windows 10 laptop (updated, 64-bit, 8 GB RAM) very slow. Even when the Arduino program is turned off, the bug persists and only after a PC restart does the problem disappear. After uninstalling the 2.0 program I was able to get my usual computer performance back. Had never faced this issue with version 1.8.3.

Sorry I couldn't save any screenshots to back up my claim. But the laptop became so slow that even the right-click menu took a few minutes to appear. The browsers (Edge, Chrome) were also affected. I generally love my Windows laptop's performance and this was quite a disappointment.

At the time of installing version 2.0, I had enabled all the options in checklist menu -- USB, .ino files, Desktop start menu etc.

Kindly fix this issue immediately. The interface of 2.0 is very beautiful and I'd prefer using that in future. Kindly also give me a timeline when you expect the 2.0 to be no longer in Beta phase.

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