Arduino-IDE 2 beta 5: after first start (portable one) all board manager url are gone

I install the new arduino IDE 2 beta 5 from the zip file. After the first start all my board manager url are gone. BTW.: and all other settings, too.
Even when i switch back to my 1.8.13 installation. Then i looked into my appdata/local/arduino15, Everything I installed earlier is gone.
(I have a backup of everything, so that’s not a real problem for me)

This is normal and expected. The reason is because the classic Arduino IDE’s preferences are stored in the preferences.txt file, the location of which is shown in the File > Preferences… dialog.

But the Arduino IDE 2.x uses a completely new, more capable, system for storing preferences, and the old preferences.txt file is completely ignored by Arduino IDE 2.x. So you will need to manually reconfigure your preferences the first time you use Arduino IDE 2.x. An inconvenience, but not a very large one.

This is very much not normal and not expected. I have not seen anything like this during my own extensive use of the IDE, and have not seen any reports of this behavior from other people.

Is there anything you can think of that is out of the ordinary about your system?

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