Arduino IDE and C libraries under Intel Edison + Arduino Kit


I'm totally new to Arduino and I would like to make project with Intel Edison + Arduino Kit, but first I need some informations before I started. I have done some research already, but I didnt find anything, so first I would like to ask about libraries. I am C programer and I want to make some sniffing code but I dont know if Arduino IDE supports network libraries which are supported in C programs (under development for example in eclipse Luna) like netinet/tcp(udp, icmp) or netinet/ip for making sniffing code.

Or another solution is, if it is possible to call and store data which are returned from some C code? For example I write code in C to get first ten numbers of Fibonacci series and I have to use them in Arduino IDE code for example to set LEDs on if the numbers from Fibonacii series are the same as numbers I have in array. So I make sniffing code and I only call it under Arduino IDE code.

As I write I am totally new with Arduino and I am looking for solution to make my project, so excuse me if I make topick which already exists or I am asking nonsenses.

Thank you