ARDUINO IDE and LCD 20x4 I2C problem - help please

Hi all,

I have bought this display ( for my Arduino DUE original. I tested the IDE (1.6.7 to 1.8.2) with all library. I tested 2 models LCD 20x4 I2C.

Unfortunately I can't find a way for make this LCD working 'after reading many post on many different websites. I always have compile errors or no errors and LCD blank. (with trying different libraries and sketches). Is there anybody that find a way to program successfully LCD 20x4 I2C and could help me?

The Arduino DUE recognize the LCD at address 0x27.

Please question: does anyone have this combination in working order? If yes, please refer to the IDE version, library and test.ino. Thank you, mpcz, 08.may.2017

mpcz, 08.may.2017

See this tutorial and adjust the number of lines accordingly in code: